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Monday, April 2, 2012

Well we tried

He is only 1 right...well almost 2 in about 2 weeks but heck we tried.

I tried the whole potty training intensive in one day and although we had 2 successes, we had about 15 fails.  Eyan just is not interested in the potty.  I still ask him every day if he wants to put on big boy undies and use the big boy potty, but the answer is always no.  I am not pushing it.  I will keep asking and I know when he is ready he will tell us!

Anyway here is a cute pic of us attempting this potty training business!

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  1. Braden is 2 years 2 months, and I'm hoping in the next couple of months he'll be ready. He certainly is getting more "there" but just like Evan, no interest!


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