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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Eyans Birthday Gift

So Eyan has been 2 for a month today!

This month has gone by so slow, like S    L        O                W.  Probably because the anticipation of summer is happening.  At least that is my only theory.

Well in all my blogging glory (yeah right!) I forgot to post pictures of what mommy and daddy got Eyan!  Last year he got a 1 gallon fish tank and some cheap goldfish, but over the past several months the goldfish were getting bigger and dirtier by the week.

Being the animal/fish (BTW fish are of the animal kingdom!) lover I am and having the persistent hubby that I have, we decided to invest in a larger more spacious habitat for our little guppies!

So we went for a 5 gallon tank!  Eyan loves it and was showing it off at his party.  He just loved saying that those were his fish and saying "new fish tank."  These really are Eyan's fish.  He seriously remembers to feed them every morning and spends time watching them everyday.  He is an attentive little caretaker!

We have 3 goldfish with no names.  We also got a killer deal at Petsmart and got a bridge decoration and a Pleco (sucker fish!) for free!

So here it is, in all its glory!
Our pleco (sucker fish!)

The goldfish seem to be hiding.  You can see the tail of one by the red "plant"