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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

My heart is heavy today

Because my sweet baby girl Mia is sick.  Who is Mia...My adorable mutt of a dog.

This is serious people, its not just a cold or some lethargy or even a limp, she is vomiting.  Since yesterday she has pretty much vomited everything that she has eaten.  Other than the vomiting she is basically acting completely normal.  She plays, goes potty normal (1 & 2) and her temp is just fine.  

You may be thinking, it's just vomit and she is normal otherwise.  You may even be wondering why we haven't rushed her to the vet.  Well 3 things.  1.  Mia has a slight history of swallowing her toys and having to have surgery to remove them.  It cost a good $1500.00 to fix that problem and my husband said he would never do it again.  Which brings me to 2.  If I take her to the vet, then they are probably going to tell me its an obstruction and then I will have to put her down and hate my husband for forcing me to do that.  3.  I have been on the phone with my vet and my vet friend consistently communicating about her status.  Basically they are both recommending an x-ray.  

What's the last catch you wonder...Well I cancelled our pet insurance in February and we are trying to get it reinstated before we take her in and have to pay even more out of pocket than is necessary.

Please please pray that it is not an obstruction and that she is just having a stomach ache.  God Please let that be it.  I cannot put my dog down.


  1. Oh Laura- I wil be praying for you! Praying hard!!! Big hugs mama!

  2. Good luck with your doggie!! I work for a vet and see this all the time!! Lets hope that it's just a case of an upset tummy. Thinking about you and your doggie!!


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