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Friday, May 18, 2012

Update to my Mia

So I am sure some of you are wondering what happened with Mia.  Mia seems to be somewhat ok.  There are a few developments.

1.  The vomiting only lasted a little over 24 hours and she never had a fever.  Her overall behavior was just slightly under normal, but for the most part she was her typical upbeat self.

2.  WE FOUND THE MISSING TOY!  It was hidden under the chair in our living room.  I checked there about 10 different times and go figure after moving the chair I actually see it.  Sometimes I think I am blind.  This eases my concerns of obstruction and surgery and really makes me feel better.

3.  We had a couple vomiting incidents last night and I actually for the first time had the dogs sleep in their dog run.  There dog run is luxurious as far as dog runs go.  They have and inside/outside set up where they can go outside to the faux grass and hang or come inside to the nice warm garage with water and some toys.  It seems as though the dogs slept pretty well, and I will tell you that I actually did too!

4.  So Mia seemed just fine yesterday, and ate dinner and then about 2 hours after dinner, as I was putting Eyan to bed, she walked right in his room and threw up all of her dinner!  I thank God everyday that Jason and I bought The Little Green Clean Machine because although cleaning up vomit sucks, it is very nice to have the tools to do it.  She had another episode right behind our chair about 20 minutes later and then it seems she was fine and she went outside and did a #2.  I immediately started freaking out that she had a toy in her tummy, but then as I moved the chair, the toy emerged and I was so relieved.

5.  I HAVE A THEORY!  Jason loves making our yard look perfect.  We typically have the greenest grass and the most beautiful trees and garden.  He is quite the little horticulturist.  In the midst of his green thumb, he has been having some fights with a possible fungus in the yard as well as the lovely urine spots that you get with having dogs.  So he has been seeding and fertilizing.  Fertilizing!  That is my theory.  My dog eats grass, and the grass has fertilizer and he JUST fertilized both nights before Mia got sick!  OMG we were poisoning our dog, I feel so bad, but now that I am pretty positive that this is what was happening we can definitely avoid letting her into the main yard when the grass has just been fertilized.

Thanks for all your support and kind words on FB and here, I truly appreciate it and the prayers have been so welcomed!

Mia says ThankYou too!

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  1. I am glad the toy emerged. I have been praying for you and Mia!


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