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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

TAT: Bedtime routine

Oh geeze, if anyone should be a champion of the bedtime routine it should be me, but well, I am not.  Not even close.  Eyan sucked at the schedule and routine thing.  He did what he wanted when he wanted and 2 years later that is still the case.  It is a well-known fact that my precious baby boy did NOT sleep, no naps, no continuous 3 hour stretches of sleep, no anything.  He just wanted to enjoy every moment of awake time he could and he did...for 13 months.

I tried EVERYTHING...most of all the bedtime routine.  Here is how that situation went:

  • Bath Eyan with the Johnson and Johnson lavender soap
  • Use the J&J lavender lotion and put socks on his feet (because I heard somewhere that if their feet get cold they wake up)
  • Put him in his PJ's
  • Read 5 small books
  • Sit in the rocker and nurse him until he fell asleep (don't judge when you haven't slept for 6 months if this is what works, you do it)
  • Turn on the sound machine & night light 
  • Put him in his bassinet and sleep next to him.
Over the next few months this routine changed several times and I do not remember all those variations, but I do know that for close to 9 months now, I have done the same thing with Eyan every night.
  • Bath every other night (he gets a bath every day at grandmas)
  • PJ's (at this point he decides what he is wearing to bed)
  • Milk in a sippy cup
  • Eyan in his crib, cover him up, give him milk
  • Turn on sound machine and night light
  • Tell him I love him and say a prayer
  • Walk out
It works...I don't know why or how, but it works and I am finally sleeping!  yeah us!  Sleeping!  He still wakes up probably 3 times a week but its better than the 5-7 we were doing a year ago.