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Friday, May 25, 2012

These are a few of my favorite things!

You know when Oprah did her "Favorite Things" show and gave away a ton of stuff...yeah this isn't like that!  This is more like me telling you how cool some things are and you considering using said things cause they are cool and you saw them on "that one blog."

I am going to do this in three different categories.

Category 1- Baby Things

1.  My Brest Friend:  (yes I spelled it correctly)  This was by far the BEST nursing pillow EVER!  I didn't have a boppy, but I used one in the hospital and it SUCKED compared to this.  The Brest Friend rocks because it securely attaches to mommy, makes baby positioning easy and allows for hands free nursing if needed.  By hands free I mean sitting, not walking around.  I also LOVED the pocket for water, snacks, a burp cloth or paci.  This pillow made nursing SO much easier.

2.  Coach Diaper Bag:  When we found out about baby #2 in November, I immediately asked for a coach diaper bag.  Then the baby started to die and when I opened this gift on Christmas (just 2 days after finding out the baby was in fact dying) I was pretty depressed and I hid the bag in my closet.  Although I never used it (and refused to with Eyan) I still LOVE it.  It is gorgeous, roomy, classy and *someday* will be used with another baby!

3. Moby Wrap:  I adore this thing!  I tried EVERY and I mean EVERY baby carrier on the market and none of them were comfortable.  When Jason and I were on our anniversary trip we saw this lady carrying a 2 year old in one and she looked just as comfortable as could be.  I talked to her about it and then begged Jason for one...low and behold I got one and it has been awesome.  I can still carry Eyan in it and it is still super comfortable, does not strain my back and he stays comfy too.  There have been numerous times when Eyan has crashed out in the car and I need to go into the store but waking the sleeping ninja is a feat worse than death so I easily move him into the moby and into the store we go...without a wake up or a notice!

Category 2- Toddler Things

1. Sassy bath Visor & Munchkin Shampoo Rinser:  These two items changed the face of bath time forever in our household.  Eyan LOVES water, but having it poured over his head is NOT ideal conditions for him (or any other toddler, I'm sure).  So I found these two awesome items and now, Eyan happily puts his hat on and I pour the water over and he is a happy, clean camper!  I just adore these items.
2. Crayola Color Wonder:  Dear lord if it wasn't for this company and their genius ideas my furniture would be shot!  You see I have WHITE furniture...yeah stupid me!  Some people do not think about having kids when they purchase furniture.  Eyan enjoys coloring but would prefer to color sitting on the furniture and he is great at leaving the lids off the markers allowing them to saturate my furniture.  So when I found color wonder, I bought everything I could.  This stuff can be pretty expensive, but I find it on clearance constantly.  In fact EVERY piece of color wonder I have purchased, we have bought on clearance!  I'm telling you if you have a creative genius in your household that is still learning to stay in the lines, buy color wonder!

3. iPhone:  Yup I am that parent, that allows my kid to play with my phone and yes I plan on purchasing an iPad in just a couple of weeks as well.  There are some awesome applications out there that are just high tech versions of flash cards, animal sounds and basic educational tools.  So you bet your butt this has been an awesome "toy" in toddlerland at the Funk's.  Eyan is very partial to the "elephant" game which is just the Fisher Price applications that feature animals, their sounds and counting.  He loves this game!

Category 3- Mommy Things

1. Mini chopper:  I am relatively new to the cooking world and for a while it was all hamburger helper and frozen pizza.  Now with my amazing cooking skills I just make up tons of random recipes and they usually turn out wonderful!  One of my secrets to cooking has been this super cheap, WalMart mini chopper.  I use it constantly to shred food.  I shred chicken, make salsa, and finely chop veggies so I can hid them from the family.  It is by far one of my most favorite cooking tools (next to the crock pot!)

2. Sleep Number Bed (well the generic version):  When I was 7 months pregnant Jason and I finally purchased our bedroom set that we had been vying for.  When it came to picking out the mattress I was very particular and HAD to have a mattress that when my husband rolled over in the night, I could not feel it.  I seriously swear my husband launches himself into the air to roll over and it woke me constantly.  So when we went to Denver Mattress and tried out their version of the Sleep Number Bed, I was in HEAVEN, and I have been for the last 2 years.  Best bed, great sleep, so comfy and I cannot feel the hubby roll over.  Sleep is important in my life, so you bet this is important to mommy!

3. Cricut:  I cannot tell you how much I adore my Cricut machine.  Scrapbooking is a passion of mine, and is so relaxing to me.  So when I got up my very first Mother's Day and my wonderful hubby bought me the Cricut I was ecstatic!  I use this machine all the time, I make cards, obviously scrapbook, you can make the sticker wall quotes and this summer I am going to make some "no soliciting" signs (exciting I know!).  I just love this tool and if you are a crafty mama like me you will too!  BONUS:  Martha Stewart teamed with Cricut and you can use the machine to cut fondant and make cake decorations...maybe if teaching doesn't work out I will start a baking business (hahahaha just kidding)!

Those are a few of my favorite things! up and tell me some of yours too!