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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Thursday Thoughts! Its Finals Week!

That sentiment could possibly be my only thought!  This past 21 week semester has FLOWN by and was relatively easy.  I just love that my job allows me to not only teach kids what I am passionate about, but let me be the SAHM when the time is right too!

Today I am giving 2 classes finals and tomorrow my other 3 take them.  I am elated that my students are doing so well!  It appears that I will have a 3% failure rate!  That is EXTREMELY low!  That is less than  1 student per class!  These kids have been fantastic and I am so proud of them!

Ok more thoughts:

I found out yesterday that one of the teachers that we thought just resigned in my department actually just took a one year leave of absence.  This is a bit sucky for me, as he could come back in a year and take my job if the budget cuts continue and his new job just doesn't cut it.  I hate that I cannot control the world and that this is a possibility!

Eyan is sick with some sort of boogery something...and our insurance is about to be cancelled so we might go into part of June without insurance and a sick kid!  I hope he kicks it before that happens.

Thats it!