Toddler Training Pt 2. |We Got the FUNK

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Toddler Training Pt 2.

Well we are 4 nights in and Eyan is sleeping about average. Last night he went to sleep after about 20 minutes of crying and 10 minutes of me rocking and explaining to him that mommy and daddy are so proud of him for being a big boy and not having milk at night. Once we had that chat, I laid him in his bed and he went right to sleep! He is learning and really doing better than I expected. He has only had hard spout sippy cups and regular cups since Saturday and has done great with that. We are still limiting his fluid intakes about 2 hours before bed and tonight marks 4 nights and naps that he has went to sleep without a milk cup!

My big exciting news for the day is that tonight when I took him into his room and he asked for his milk cup, I again explained to him what a big boy he is and how proud we are of him. I walked out of the room and he has not made a peep! This is after a 3.5 hour nap that ended at 5:30 and it's only 9:30 right now! He slept until 7:00 this morning too.

I am such a proud mommy right now! What a great job he is doing.

Oh and here is some pictures of Eyan and Caleb snuggling up watching Wall-E last week. Sorry I didn't post it with my Saturday laughs.