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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Toddler Training Pt 3...oh crap!

Well I guess the big boy bedroom will be happening sooner then we expected. Tonight as I was putting Eyan down for bed he crawled out of his crib and had I not been right there he could have broken his neck! It was super scary! So tomorrow we will be converting the crib, taking out the changing table and securing the tall dresser and new toy box to the walls.

I am sure that his sleeping will be pretty sucky the next several nights. This also means we will be at least another 10 days before potty training starts. Ugh! I was so geared up, now I am worried about his safety and have to change things up quicker then I was expecting. I sure hope this works!

Any ideas on how to make his transition from crib to toddler bed easier? HELP!

P.S...tonight is a cry it out kinda night. Unlike last night where he went straight to sleep we are 15 in and he is still crying and I am panicking that he is going to crawl out and break his neck.


  1. Laura you don't have to rush things girl. He will get through all of this at his own pace. From big boy bed to potty training, it will all happen in time. He will probably actually like the big boy bed better than the crib and adjust pretty well. Just make sure there are rails on the side(from expierence lol). And don't stress about potty training...if he's there by the time he's 3...he's still ahead of the game compared to some kids. At 2 they still don't really understand the "feeling" of having to go and are still understanding that when they get that "feeling" that means run to potty or tell someone. He will adjust to the bed and potty training just fine. Just give it time :-)

  2. He will get there sweetie!!! We waited to start potty training Gunner until the week before he turned three, and because we waited and we didn't really push him, he was trained in about a week. He was also waking up in the morning with a dry diaper, so I knew he had good bladder control. It's kind of messy, but we took Gunner underwear shopping, let him pick out his "big boy" underwear, but the key is to have some of his favorite characters on the underwear. I just put Gunner in the underwear during the day and I took him into the bathroom every hour to have him try to go. I told him that if he had to pee or poop, he needed to tell me because Mater didn't want to have to take a bath in the washing machine because Gunner peed on him. He had three accidents the first day, one the second day, and that was it. The other thing that helped us is that we waited until Gunner was tall enough to stand up and pee in the big potty. He absolutely hated the training potty's because daddy didn't use it, and he was going to be a big boy like daddy, so he had to use the big potty that daddy used.
    As far as the bed, that's a pretty easy transition. Both of my kids were switched over to toddler beds by their second birthday, and the only issue we had with that was them sneaking into our bed in the middle of the night, but that was really easy to fix. Just make sure it has a rail that runs the full side of the bed, because we had one of the half rails on his bed, and the second night he was sleeping in bed, he rolled out through the half that didn't have a rail. If you have any questions, you can give me a call anytime!!! I know what worked for mine may not work for yours, but I would love to brainstorm some more ideas with you!! :)


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