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Saturday, May 12, 2012

You know my life is funny!

Melissa over at The Mommyhood Chronicles has been out of town for the past 2 weekends and so I missed the hop...ok I ditched out because I was lazy.  But I'M BACK and still funny!

Lets get down to business!

1. My wonderful students just cannot stop laughing at the number 69.  Yeah seriously its a damn number...oh and a sex position.  So after the 5th time of hearing them laugh about that number I said, "really guys you should probably just think of it as a number and not a position where your nose is in someone's butt-hole with all those bacteria and E.coli."  That pretty much shut them up and grossed them out!  Bet I won't hear any more about "69."

2.  You would not believe the sentences that Eyan is saying and how much he communicates.  I hear it all the time from other mommies that he just talks so much and they cannot believe that he is barely 2.  But it is true the boy is a chatter box and very clear about what he is saying.  Phrases as of late that sort of impress me are:
   -"mommy I need to pee in the potty" (After he pees on my floor)
   -"the dog farted"  (No it was really you Eyan)
   -"see the airplane it go to airport" (This one is just seriously cool)

3.  As you know we finally got our Harley Davidson and Eyan is OBSESSED!  I picked him up from Jen's the other day and he just could not stop talking about daddy's motorcycle.  He told me he was going to "ride it" that it was "hot," told me all the parts of the bike including the seat, tires, handlebars and the NOSE?  yeah Nose...I couldn't even figure out what he meant as he kept changing the part of the bike that he would point to and say nose, but I just laughed.

4.  My week with my Mia has been so entirely stressful, but it appears that she will be fine.  I do think that she swallowed something (part of a small teddy bear leg I think), and it looks like it passed.  However the wait for the bowel movement was insane.  Jason and I were stressing and worrying that maybe whatever was stuck was not going to move and she would have to have surgery (yeah I am so winning this one in the future).  So when we finally caught her going to her poop spot Jason and I raced to the window and almost pushed each other out of the way just to watch the momentous occasion of her bowel movement.  It was kinda funny to see us get so excited and congratulate our dog on pooping!  We just love her, that's it!

5.  Eyan has started to use his toy drill to "fix" his 4-wheeler and it just so happens that he has managed to actually unscrew the latch that holds his seat on.  It is so darn adorable when he opens the seat and explains to me why it is broken and how he is fixing it.  Melts my heart!


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  1. So glad you are back because I always LOVE your laughs! I am peeing in my pants at #1. I bet they don't think of it like this anymore too! I love Eyans sentences- he is such a cute boy! I am so happy with Mia- I have been thinking of you all week. He is so cute fixing his 4-wheeler. I love your laughs. HAPPY MOMS DAY!


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