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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Zoo Day with my Boys!

I love the zoo!  No seriously LOVE IT!  Maybe its the biologist in me that enjoys reading all about the animals, their habitats, behaviors and food interests or maybe its the child in me.  Either way I LOVE THE ZOO!

So naturally I have a zoo membership to the Denver Zoo!  I try to take Eyan at least once a month and sometimes we bring a friend or family member with us to enjoy the awesome day!

This past trip I got to take both my boys!  Now I know what your thinking, 2 kids?  Yeah...no, you see Eyan is obviously mine, but Caleb is my cousin and I have been there since the moment he was born.  My aunt and I are super close and relatively close in age so we get along great!  I adore her and her family!  So when I asked to steal Caleb, she was super excited for me to take him.  (She had to work or else she would have came too!)

The day was awesome.  The boys listened well, stayed close, laughed and just had a nice time.  We ate ice cream and I got one heck of a workout from pulling that wagon around by myself.

I keep forgetting to take pictures and of course my iphone does not take the best photographs, but here are some cute ones!

The boys in front of the giraffes

Ice Cream!

Doesn't he just look like trouble