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Saturday, June 30, 2012

5 laughs!!!

I'm such a slacker! It's been several weeks since I've posted my top 5 laughs...but I'm back!

Let's go!

1. Eyan has been sleeping in his toddler bed for about a month now. He as of late has been telling me that before bed there are turtles biting his toes. OMG! It's too darn cute.

2. I am the worst gambler in the history of the world. So I make up for it by drinking and apparently pretending to win jackpots. Jason and his aunt were just laughing at me randomly yelling and pretending to play. Thank you amaretto sour for my awesome gambling skills.

3. Eyans new thing is that you have to put medicine on every owwie. So a few days ago Jason and Eyan were playing and he bumped his head pretty lightly. To him it was the end of the world and he needed medicine. So off we went to the cabinet and I pretended to put some medicine on it. Jason then tried to kiss it after the medicine was "on" and Eyan got upset at him and said "no take my medicine off". We just laughed.

4. I thought I had enough room to roll over on the hotel bed. I. Was. Wrong! I fell outta that damn bed so hard and Jason just laughed his butt off at me.

5. The other night we were out to eat and Eyan needed to potty. So we went and he went and when we walked out he ran up to this little girl and yelled "I pottied!" So silly

Happy Saturday!