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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Alright so maybe I am not a complete failure as a mom

So yesterday was frustrating.  At one point I actually was crying and wondering if Eyan just wanted a better mommy because in my opinion, I sucked.  My patience was thin, his tantrums were killing me and I just had a lot higher expectations then I should have had in a two year old.

So lets examine what I did wrong yesterday:

1.  Following the 3 day method, you are supposed to ask your kid to "tell mommy when you need to go potty."  UMMM I think I overdid it by about 10x more than he wanted to hear it.  I am dang positive he was ignoring me and doing the complete opposite purposely.

2.  We didn't do rewards or praises for even "trying" to sit on the potty.  So yeah I could see why he was less than happy with mom.

3. After he did have his one success, I did celebrate and he did get a potty prize, but I didn't really let him enjoy it because I kept trying to keep with the method and say, "tell mommy when you need to go potty."

4. I got frustrated and grumpy and was not being positive with him...hence the "I am a terrible mother and suck at potty training."  I shut down and cried out of frustration and I don't think my emotions helped the whole situation.

Overall, yesterday should NOT count in the potty training days.  It was a whole mess of crap and terrible parenting and frustration.

Do you wonder how today went?  Well it was freaking AWESOME!

I went to bed at 9:00 last night and was up to hungry dogs and a sopping wet toddler at 5:40 am!  Yeah 5:40 am and pee and dogs everywhere.  First I fed the dogs then I tended to the wet toddler (This was also the moment I decided that night training is NOT an option at this point, maybe in a few more weeks.  Lets be real, although Eyan does not have a sippy cup 2 hours before bed, he apparently can store enough pee, even after going right before bed, to soak his pillow, sheets, plastic pants, stuffed toys and of course himself.  I will figure this business out later).  Ok so after the great urine clean up, my mom came over to watch Eyan and I got ready to leave.  I left about 7:00 and was back at home by 9:30.  My moms report was that Eyan stayed dry and did not potty in his pants, but seemed to be doing the potty dance.  We did make a correlation from the previous days craptastic adventures that Eyan likes to run and hide when he potties.  So as my mom was getting a warm cup of water to dip my kids hand into (bahahahaha...I did not realize this was her plan until she told me later), Eyan ran and hid behind her and peed, grandma grabbed him up and RAN to the toilet and Eyan finished peeing through his undies in the potty.  Not great, but ok.   We changed the little guy and cleaned up and I talked to him about making sure that he potties in the potty and just keeps trying because he is so awesome and I know he can do it.

Then about 20 minutes later, Eyan started to hide and grunt and grandma told him to go the potty and he said so sadly "its scary."  I grabbed him up and I we went into the bathroom, he told me it was scary and I told him that it is not scary and that he is a big boy.  My mom yelled to remind me to give him his privacy as he likes to potty in private, and so I pulled his underwear down and told him to try and go on the potty and that I would be back in with a treat in a few minutes.  I closed the bathroom door and about 1 minute later I heard him close the potty chair lid.  I was so freaked that I was going to have a pile of poop on the floor, so my awesome mommy offered to go in and investigate.  What did my BIG boy do?  He pooped in the potty all by himself AND wiped his own booty clean!  He was SO proud and got his Buzz Lightyear toy that he had been eyeing.  What a fantastic moment that we celebrated.  I made sure to play with him and his new toy and celebrate and kiss him and tell him how proud we all were and what a big boy he was.  He LOVED the attention and the rest of the day was spent peeing in the potty and trying to pee in the potty and we didn't have even 1 accident the rest of the day!  He pottied ALL day in the potty and was AMAZING!

I would like to send an awesome shout out to my mama for helping this morning, my hubby for being supportive and helping out and my best friend Stacey for spending the entire day with me keeping me grounded and encouraging.  I know that breaks the whole 3-day potty training method rule, but this mommy needs her back up and is super thankful for all of our support.

So there it is, potty training sucked (past tense), but we are going to get through this and I know my little man can do this.

Thanks for the encouragement!