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Friday, June 8, 2012


Is within our reach! Today we refinanced our house for a lower rate and payment. We will be taking the money we are saving on our mortgage and putting it in our vacation fund to go to Disney next spring! I am beyond excited and praying that nothing huge comes up and we can still afford the trip in 10 months.

In other news I did gain some motivation to clean my house as I had my moms impromptu birthday dinner at my house. So within 2 hours I cleaned the house (minus serious dusting), cooked dinner, and baked a cake. It was a nice night with the family and I'm glad my mom had a nice dinner and yummy cake (devils food with cream cheese frosting)!

Also I just had to put this funny picture up today!

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  1. So great that you can see Disneyland in your future! Eyan will be the perfect age!!

    1. I sure hope so! We are planning to go with a lot of family and it will be a great 3rd birthday/5 yr wedding anniversary gift!

  2. That is so awesome!!! He will LOVE LOVE it!

    1. I hope so! Sorry I've missed the hop, been blogging from my phone and text typing takes forever :)


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