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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Mi Mama

This weeks Toddle Along Tuesday (TAT) topic is MOMS!

I have a pretty awesome mom like most.  My mom is one of my biggest supporters and I just love her!  My mom has been there for me and always is a ton of fun.  We talk daily...ok probably more like hourly and are very close.  She is one of the biggest reasons I made it through the first 3 months of Eyan's life without losing my sanity with a colicky baby that DID NOT SLEEP!  That is no joke, Eyan probably only took a few 15-30 minute naps every 4-6 hours, that includes the nighttime!  I did not sleep for 3 months for more than 5 hours a day if you totaled up all the small naps I would get.  So my mommy (and sister) came and saved me constantly while my husband worked.  She is also the main reason that my basement MUST be finished before another baby joins this family.  Sleeping on the couch just isn't fair and a nice cozy room with a bathroom and separate living room would be super nice for her.

My mom is one of the MOST important people in my life, she like many others have sacrificed so much for me including 43 weeks of pregnancy and a baby pretty much born in a car.  Yes I was super over-due...that is what you get when you don't have insurance in 1984.  In addition, mom has super quick labors where she would basically go from 3cm to 10cm in one contraction.  So when she wasn't in "active labor" according to the hospital they sent her home and about an hour later my parents were on their way to the hospital with my head in my dads hand as he flew to the hospital and my mom desperately tried NOT to push me out.  Long story short, she is a rocking mom and I pretty much want to be just like her...well except for the hot-flashes and road rage.