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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Signing off

Temporarily that is!

This week is THE WEEK!  We are potty training.  I followed Sarah over at Nurse Loves Farmer and her success with the 3-day method and I too will be following this method.  I have read the e-book a few times and blocked out the time and this is our week!

So with that, one of the points that I must follow is COMPLETE focus and dedication to Eyan for the next 3 days; no technology, no FB, no TV shows and no leaving the house.  So I will be signing off for the next 3 days.  Well I think.  If I am not too tired and Eyan continues to sleep well in the evening, then maybe I will give some updates each day, but no promises.  Let's just call this our temporary sign off.

Wish us LUCK!