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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Summer Vacation?

It's not that I am trying to ignore my blog, it's just that life gets oddly enough super busy in the summer.

Why is this, shouldn't I be relaxing an taking all sorts of exotic vacations, isn't that the life of an overpaid teacher who has all this time off? Wait WTF? Oh that's right, I work ridiculously hard throughout the school year leaving no real time to do anything great with my family or take care of my house and barely make enough to cover the bills. Sorry tangent.

Ok so really my summer is full of the following:
1. Making lists...because I have a ton to catch up on.
2. Spending enormous time unplugged with my kid...potty training right now, but typically going to see family that get neglected with our crappy schedule, having play dates, swimming, and other fun kid stuff!
3. Catching up on the nitty gritty in the house. Yeah those bills that I LOVE to have organized, only get put into the correct folders when I'm on break, and the cabinets that need to be reorganized and cleaned, yup I'm on it. Oh and I've got to organize a garage sale right? Basically when Eyan naps, mommy does all those crappy jobs that we all refer to as "spring cleaning."
4. Spend more quality time with Eyan.
5. Actually have a social life.
6. Oh and getting roped into planning my high school reunion...ugh!

So yeah, I'm super busy, but I enjoy every moment of my "relaxing" summer vacation.

Oh yeah and I'm in a wedding this weekend for my friend and am super stoked!

Found a decent picture of my mom & Eyan while cleaning up the files on the computer!
Happy Day!


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