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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

We're on Fire

Colorado is burning, not just from the 9 (or maybe 10 at this point) fires that are actually burning, but from the ridiculous heat.

It is insane how quickly these fires are starting and how many people have been evacuated.  No one is truly safe at this point and we have received no rain in at least a week, but probably more.  This time of year it is usually very hot during the day and then around 3 or 4 pm we get rain.  Not this year.  El Nina is owning us.  Now as a scientist, I realize that this is just natures way of removing all the poorly maintained old and diseased trees, brush and undergrowth and starting to renew, however, it is still tragic.  

This is the temperature on my car after I had been driving for 20 minutes.  About a minute before I took this is read 107 degrees.  

Bring on the RAIN and help out our firefighters!


  1. It's horrible how many fires we have here. I really hope that things will turn around soon. I have family and friends both north and south of Denver by the fires. It is quite scary and sad to think about all the people that have lost everything in these fires. We need rain and cool weather yesterday!

    1. I'll pray for your family! Rain dance here I come :)


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