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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Potty Training Fail

I was told it would happen, I was naive.

Eyan has kind of regressed here in the last two days of potty training.  He is getting too busy playing and mommy and daddy are not just taking him to the bathroom when we think he needs to go, so we have had 3 accidents in 2 days!  We went from 0 accidents to 3!  I feel like a potty training failure as a parent.  Don't get me wrong, he does have successes most of the day.  However, the problem is that both Jason and I ask Eyan if he needs to go potty and he tells us NO then about 5 minutes later he goes...on my furniture (that I just had cleaned!), on my carpet oh and my favorite...on me.  Yeah I am over it.

So potty training mommies, how did you deal with the regression, because I might just lose my mind if we cannot get him to potty in the potty every time again.


  1. Don't ask if he needs to go. Tell him it is time to go, and escort him to the toilet. If he says no, say, "We have to try right now. Thank you for trying." Also, potty training takes time. Don't beat yourself up about this. He's not going to enter kindergarten in diapers. :)

  2. OH this is why I am so nervous to start!!! AHHHH!! But it isnt your fault that this happened. He will get it. Hang in there!!

  3. Not your fault at all! It took me till H was almost 3 years, 2 months to have her trained. Baby steps!!

  4. Have you thought about some sort of reinforcer each time he "tries"? Like a M&M or skittle or sticker chart? Something that he would be willing to sit on the potty for? Maybe he gets 1 for trying and 2 for a productive trip? Just a thought!

  5. Thank you all for your advice! We are making some great strides and going back to the basics has been wonderful! Censie...just get to it, Jude is super smart and will probably feel very proud.


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