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Friday, July 20, 2012


As I am sure, all of my readers have heard of the tragedy that happened at the movie theater in Aurora. I am angry that this could even happen! I can't stop thinking about this and the terror that those people must have felt. No one goes to the movies expecting to be killed, and those kids! For Gods sake there were children in there! Nothing is going to make them feel safe after witnessing true evil. An old friend from high school was in that theater with her 3 children and her husband, they all got out safe and I am so thankful for that, but I feel for her and the questions and dreams that she will be filtering through over the next several years. What a strong family they are.

I also read an article that the shooters mother knew it was her son without a doubt! Really! You knew your son was an unstable psychopath and you chose to keep that to yourself! Parenting is important regardless of age...make sure you continue to do this even after your children are grown.

My mind is a mess, and my heart is broken for those families enduring this tragedy. Keep praying!

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  1. I can't stop watching and crying. It is truly unbelievable!!


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