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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

TAT: A boy and his dogs

Eyan and "the girls" as he calls them have been connected from birth.  Mia has especially been very protective over her baby since we brought him home.  She stays relatively close to him and watches over him.  When its nap time or bed time she goes up and sleeps next to his bedroom door.  Lily on the other hand deals with Eyan being crazy, but is the first to lay down in the middle of his toys and wait for him to lay on top of him and snuggle.  Although I highly discourage this, I do think the pup loves this snuggle time.

I couldn't find pictures of them that were fantastic, but here are a couple that totally work!

Eyan showing lily the holes in my shoe...Lily showing Eyan her Toy.

Mia always watching over Eyan


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