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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

TAT: Teaching Rocks

Todays topic for Toddle Along Tuesday is your job.

Well next to being a mom, I think teaching is pretty darn awesome!  It allows me to get out of the house, and share stories, cool facts, build relationships, shape the youth and network like crazy.

I didn't really ever aspire to be a teacher.  After I got done with high school I majored in dental hygiene and after a brief stint in a dental office observing and helping the hygienist, I decided that I would rather become the dentist than the hygienist and there was no way in heck I was going to dental school.  So I finished my associates degree and was unsure of my path.  At this point I was coaching high school cheerleading and was helping one of my girls organize a persuasive paper.  I was doing this a teachers classroom and that teacher just happened to be watching me teach my cheerleader how to write this paper.  Once we got done, the teacher came over to me and said, "I just watched 6 other teachers try to teach that process and you did the best out of everyone!"  She told me that I should become a teacher and so I did.  Best advice I EVER got.

I love my job and I am FANTASTIC at my job.  I teach high school science.  Mainly 9th grade biology and 11/12 Environmental Science (soon to be an AP offering!!!)  Next week I will be at the Cherry Creek AP Institute and I am so excited.  School starts in about 3 weeks and although I love every moment I have with Eyan, I am ready to get back into the classroom.

Yay for teaching!