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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Thursday Thoughts

I have a TON on my mind, but not a whole lot I feel like I can write about. That is entirely too frustrating. Let's just say, life is full of unexpected moments, meant to change your direction...and hopefully for the better.

My dogs are driving me nutso! Being cooped up at home with them, listening to them randomly bark at kids playing outside while both the hubby and kid sleep is annoying. Incontinence is annoying! The fact that I have to tell them 200 times a day to get off the furniture is annoying. I love them to pieces, but I'm starting to wonder if the reason I have to be a working mom is because of these 2 monsters?

I'm bored! I feel like everything I want to do, just to get Eyan and I out of the house for fun, costs an arm and a leg and I'm too cheap to pay that price , plus my mani and pedi are too dang cute.

I need me time. Like a whole week without responsibilities. A real vacation. I had a great dream last night that we finally got our passports and took off to the beach somewhere. I guess a girl can dream right?

Ehh, Thursday, why do you gotta be so provocative.