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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Family day at Lakeside

So once a year, my grandpa likes to take his family to his old stomping grounds to ride amusement park rides and have fun. Last year my Lakeside experience was not all that great. You have to understand that this particular amusement park is kind of old and is in a terrible part of town. Denver has a fancy and super nice amusement park in the center of the city, but it's also super busy and expensive. Lakeside is not near as busy and is very cheap. This year they were staffed better, the place was cleaner and the rides looked like they had gotten fixed up.

Eyan had a fantastic time this year and he rode EVERY kiddie ride! Even the roller coaster and this frog jump thing that takes them up and drops them in small intervals. He loved it and did so well! His big cousin Jesse and Caleb rode with him and so he never was too scared. Makes me so excited for Disney in a few short months!!!

I took a video of the roller coaster, but this dang blogger app on my phone doesn't let you upload videos. So here are just a few pictures of my precious boy and his day at Lakeside!


  1. I'm a native to CO and I have never been to Lakeside. My parents would never let me go growing up because of the bad part of town and I just never went after I was an adult. Maybe we will have to try it next summer.

    1. Im a native too Kari :) It is not too bad and most of the people there were not "trashy" as I would have expected. Only thing is make sure that your children are not wearing nice clothes as some of the rides (the cars above) are a bit greasy.


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