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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Happy Birthday to ME!

28 years ago my amazing mother delivered me after an insane labor and delivery.  Usually us mommies are all about sharing the birth stories of our children.  Today to celebrate my entrance into the world, I share with you my moms account of how I came to be.

I was originally due on July 23rd, but my parents did not have insurance, so they would not induce labor.  My mom likes to tell me that I was a pain from day one.  Every time she stood up she would get a bloody nose, she was losing weight and just plain miserable.  After all I was already 3 weeks late!  So on August 14th my mom went into labor.  Her and my dad headed down to Denver to deliver me and when they got there the nurse said that she would be lucky to have me tomorrow.  They gave her a sleeping pill and sent her home.  My parents drove all the way back to Brighton and went to hang out at a friends house.

My mothers labor progressed quickly and within 2 hours I was on my way out.  So my parents hauled butt and got in the 1972 Chevy Blazer with the Confederate flag a blow'n.  (No seriously my dad used to have a confederate flag in the rear window of this truck.)  About half way there I started to come out so my dad reached over and grabbed my head as my mother tried not to push.  After some chaos with a cop and a red light, my parents made it to the hospital only to have me almost delivered.  They realized as I was almost done crowning that the cord was strangling me so bad that they had to push me back in and unwind the cord and then as my mom put it, I "just fell out."  Classy I know.  So at 1:01 am on August 15th, 1984 I was Born!

So there is my story of how I came to be awesome and cool, oh and alive!



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