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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Mother/Son night!

So last night Jason was crashed out after some testing for work in the morning (he works graveyards). So Eyan wanted pizza and a movie. Being the fantastically exhausted mother I am after my first real week of work in several weeks, we jumped in my car and went to Target. I grabbed a few groceries, some cold and cough medicine and then let him pick out a new movie. He chose "UP!". The over to Little Cesaers we went for a couple pizzas and then after getting slightly lost in a housing development we made it home. Eyan say so quietly eating his pizza on his mat watching his movie. When he was done he came and crawled up in my lap and asked me a ton of questions while snuggling! My favorite questions, "mommy why Kevin a snipe?" "oh no! Why them balloons pick that house up?" and "mommy that mean man bad, you no shoot grandpa!"

It was a fantastic cuddly night with my sweet baby boy.


  1. Too fun! Up is one of our favorite movies. It always makes me cry. :(


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