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Monday, September 17, 2012

14 Weeks **PICTURE**

Ugh I hate the way I look right now.  Its sloppy, frumpy and just ugh.  Today I am 14.1 weeks and this is not a good look on anyone.  So here is my list of interesting facts:
  • I am STILL having morning sickness.  Like I spent 20 minutes throwing up this morning.  Hopefully this ends soon.
  • I can no longer wear make up or perfume as both are just irritating me.  I never wore a ton of make up before, but now I can't even dab on some eyeshadow and mascara. 
  • I am down another 2 lbs.  However, this picture gives me mom butt and a gut so ugh whatever.
  • I still don't think I am showing, that pudge is just my pouch left over from having Eyan and being stitched up very shady like.
  • Official designation as high-risk came last week.  Basically I get to do 24 hr urine samples monthly, some interesting blood work constantly, go back to checking my glucose levels, have special ultrasounds at a perinatologist and take baby aspirin.  I also learned that it was not Pre-Eclampsia that I had...I actually had ECLAMPSIA!  The seizure after delivery in the recovery room counts.  So I guess almost dying on my doctors last time leads to the high-risk classification.  Whatever, I have to do to keep baby safe...oh and me!
  • Eyan heard the baby's heartbeat last week and kept asking to hear the bump bump.  So darn cute!
  • I hopefully find out on October 18 what type of baby I am having...its either blue or pink!


  1. You look great. I know how uncomfortable this stage is. It is the worst part. I really hope the throwing up stops soon!

  2. You look great! I hope the sickness stops soon. As for the gender reveal, awesome....so close!


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