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Monday, September 24, 2012

15 weeks

  • Is there a small bump...um no still just chunky.
  • My hormones are running crazy.  This crying and anger and frustration and short temper are just not me.
  • I feel mostly better morning sickness wise.
  • I am tired of fighting with everyone, students, husband, family, friends.  PEOPLE I AM HORMONAL=short fuse.  Just be patient this wont be me forever.
  • I am looking forward to my perinatologist appt on Oct 18. where I hopefully find out if this baby is blue or pink! However my next appt is Oct 3rd...I think. 
  • The fact that I can still wear normal clothes and not one of my students has even suspected I am pregnant makes me worry that either there is something substantially wrong with the baby or that I am just truly fat.


  1. you're fine Laura. when i was pregnant my belly wasn't big enough my entire pregnancy to wear maternity clothes my mom hated it because i would only wear sweats and my boyfriends tshirts. i just looked fat and frumpy :-) every pregnancy is different.

  2. I have a friend that is almost 20 weeks along and she isn't even showing yet. I kinda hate her for it ;) Enjoy having your regular clothing still!


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