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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Chevrolet Can Suck It

So there was a recall on my Tahoe oh about 70,000 miles ago that Chevy should have fixed but apparently since it wasn't broken right at 70,000 miles they are not going to fix it.  We didn't purchase the truck until after 90,000 miles so that is why we did not fix it.  I called Go Chevrolet in Denver and spoke to them about this and they said it was going to cost at least $520.00 to fix this and that it was my problem not Chevy's.  I would like to say what a-holes they are and how it is very dangerous to not have a working speedometer and that since there was a recall regardless of mileage, they should still fix it.

So this morning I am driving to work in my pimped out Tahoe and all the sudden my radio gets some crazy squeaky feedback and my speedometer goes out!  Yay!

I am pretty sure that this is not correct since I was doing at least 60 following the speed demon in front of me.


  1. if it was recalled don't they have to fix it?? I always thought they did?

  2. Apparently it falls under some sort of special recall policy that has a mileage claus in it. Yay US!


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