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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Giggles, belly laughs and a fart

I forgot to write this post! Ahhh gotta get it done before midnight ;)

1. In the chaos of our basement finishing, Eyans playroom toys are now all over my house, but concentrated in the living room. His play kitchen is in my living room as well and the minute he saw it he runs over to it and says, "sit down mama I'm gonna make you dinner!" So I had a delicious dinner of plastic banana, lemon and grapes.

2. My nightly routine is put Eyan to bed then crash on the couch watching reality TV. Last night I apparently had an argument with Jason in my dreams and woke up yelling and angry at him. Poor guy had no clue what was going on or why I was yelling. Unfortunately I didn't either.

3. The things your students will confess in front of a classroom will just about make you pee your pants from laughing so hard. Take for example my student who decided to confess that he broke his neck from pretending to be a stripper while chair dancing. He said when he fell his sister ran over and kicked him so hard in his "junk" he puked. The way he was laughing through the whole thing made it hard to not laugh, but then he asks "would you like me to re-enact it for you?" I said no, no one wants to see you puke ;)

4. I was teaching a lesson on evolution and explaining how our tailbone is of little use to us, but that some babies are born with a tail. One on my students just uncomfortably turns red and starts giggling. She then tells me "I was born with a tail, is that weird?" I tried to downplay it and say it is so common, but inside I was thinking #teacherfail!

5. Yet another student was explaining how he broke his tailbone and decided to share how uncomfortable it was to fart. He gave some interesting and vivid explanations and my class could not stop laughing...neither could I!


  1. High school kids sound a lot like Kindergartners! We're all about the farts and silly conversations as well. :-)

  2. haha-sit down mommy and I am going to make you dinner,lol! Your students are hysterical! How do you deal each day? I would be freaking out and laughing at the same time!


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