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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Pregnancy This Time

You have no CLUE how much I have been reflecting and just aching to write and brag and cry about this pregnancy.  It has consumed my every thought since we found out that there was indeed a baby growing in there and that it was not just some leftover HCG from my miscarriage earlier this year.

I found out on July 7th that we might be expecting.  For no real reason (period wasn't late, I had no symptoms, nothing, I was spotting though)  I just decided to take a test.  Maybe it was intuition or possibly I was just trying to figure out whether I STILL had HCG in my system from the previous miscarriage.  Regardless I took that test and it came back positive and I was scared!  Scared that I would go through the same terrible situation I had earlier this year, scared that the never-ending miscarriage was STILL never-ending and scared that I was not going to be a quality parent through the terrible morning sickness and exhaustion.

I made an appointment to figure out whether I was actually pregnant or just dealing with the same ol' crap I had been.  I went in for blood work and waited patiently for my results.  They came back ridiculously high which confirmed that I was in fact pregnant.  I was SO excited.  I wanted to just scream and tell the whole world, but with my history, that was not happening.

I had some spotting on an off so into the doctors I went.  We had an ultrasound and although they didn't give me a due date, they said the baby had a heartbeat and that it was ok.  Over a few days the spotting stopped.  Two weeks later I had another appt. and it went pretty well.  Then I had another appointment yesterday where I found out how far along I actually was and got the picture of the baby you see in the post below.

So far I have been pretty exhausted, especially with school starting and still working daily on potty training reinforcement.  The morning sickness has been ALL DAY nausea with some vomiting.  But overall, this pregnancy has been slightly easier that Eyan (crosses fingers and asks for prayers!).  With Eyan I threw up EVERYDAY until 15 or 16 weeks!

I am NOT showing.  In fact I have lost another 5 lbs, so there is no real reason to do belly pictures other than I look FABULOUS :)  Baby seems to be set back in my uterus which is why I had an ultrasound yesterday (because they could not hear the heartbeat with the doppler).  So I do not anticipate showing for another month.

I think that they baby is a girl.  I have no real solid reason other than a deep feeling that it is in fact a "she."  I have always wanted boys, but at this point I don't even care, as long as it is healthy and arrives safe and adds another beautiful heart to our family.

That's all for now!

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  1. I am so happy you are "out" now!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!! :O)


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