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Saturday, September 22, 2012

ST5L: 9/22/12

Yay Saturday!  Here are my weekly laughs!

1.  My precious students were learning about evolution and some evidences for evolution.  One of those is called embryology.  Basically the evidence is on the similar development of vertebrae organisms.  I put a picture similar to this up:

A student very honesty was like "that's cool we go through a fish stage then salamander stage, then turtle then chicken!  I would love to see me with a beak!" I corrected him about the fact that we have similar developmental patterns and that we don't actually go through different animal stages...we all cracked up!

2.  Another sweet student learned that a males could lactate from hormones like steroids.  He proceeded to think out loud the following, "whoa so would they wear a bra, no it would be a bro, wait no a mra...yeah I think it's still a bra.  I am never lactating, heck no steroids!"  love my students!

3. Eyan is very obsessed with everything we have been doing in the basement.  Anytime someone comes over he tells them, you want to see my basement I built? Such a silly boy.

4.  Eyan has a cold right now and continues to prove to me that he is 100% boy by pulling his shirt up to wipe his boogies away.  Yuck kid!

5. Had a huge breakthrough at Jen's house yesterday!  He finally told her he had to poop instead of running and hiding!  Yay big boy!!!


  1. I can't see the picture but I can only imagine:) I am never lactating- I am dying! He builds basements- is he available for hire?LOL! What a big boy! Such cute laughs. xoxo

  2. Way to teach your students that steroids are bad!! Love the boggies on the shirt. Why take the time to find a Kleenex when your shirt is already available?? Cute laughs this week!


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