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Sunday, September 9, 2012

The iPad2

So we bought one. I have been fighting this desire for months, tried to convince myself that it's just like my iPhone, and that a two year old does not need to be that exposed to technology. Well I failed and two weeks ago we purchased that iPad.

It has been great! Eyans been practicing writing his letters, coloring and playing other toddler learning games. He is not using it all the time which is fine by me, but he does like it and calls it his ePad! In addition I downloaded the "Watch Disney Junior" app and it affords me time to watch the shows I want on my TV while allowing him to still watch Mickey! We are also looking into digitizing all our DVDs and putting them on the iPad for our trip to Disneyland in April or May.

Last night Eyan and his adorable cousin Brooklynn watched Mickey while the rest of us watched the ASU game and supported Jason's cousin Jake Sheffield (91) play! What a great distraction for two busy toddlers at 8:00pm well after bedtime.

It may be a parenting fail, but I'm confident it won't cause him to be a serial killer and I most definitely monitor his usage and time on it. We do real playtime too ;)


  1. Ipad=Mommy's breaK! I am all for it!

  2. You are cute, and I love you!!!! Love Aunt Nett

  3. :). Thanks ladies! Love you too Aunt Nett


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