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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Thursday Thoughts

Yay!  One more day until the weekend...and I desperately need a weekend.

1.  Work has been overwhelming this year.  I don't know why, probably the exhaustion and nausea are what are making me suck at keeping up...oh and that crappy pregnancy brain.  My classes are excellent and I thank my lucky stars for some amazing teacher assistants that are helping me out and keeping me up on my grading.  My plan periods also seem chaotic this year so instead of cutting out of the building every day at 3:15, I have made an agreement with the hubby to have him pick up Eyan on Tuesday and Thursday's so I can spend an extra hour after school getting caught up.  I was ahead of the game last year, but just cannot find my groove this year!  AHHH.

2.  Eyan is just so freaking cute lately, but I think he either has laryngitis or his little toddler voice is changing.  He tells me his throat feels fine and so I think he is probably ok, but if he still has this little rasp then a deep voice, I will be calling the doctor tomorrow.

3.  Growing a human is hard work.  I really need the nausea to go away.  I can deal with the insane exhaustion but the nausea is killing me.

4. I am SO excited to see our basement come together.  Yesterday they framed most of the bedroom.  We are doing double closet with a built in seating area and I am SO stoked for this.  I can't wait to get home and see what they did today!  I have been taking pictures, but am thinking of doing an update when each of the major parts have been completed (framing, plumbing, electrical, drywall, decorating!!!)


  1. You manage to walk out of school by 3:15!?! Totally jealous. We get out at 2:45 and I'm lucky to leave by 5:00.

  2. LOL! Yeah I usually need to drive 25 mins to get Eyan so I do my best to get out of the building early. I have several teachers aids that help me with grading and the team I plan with is amazing so I only have to plan a lesson every 4 days! Makes my life a lot easier!


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