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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Yup I say that

Toddle Along Tuesday!  One of my favorite hops.  Todays topic is things you actually say.  So why not jump all over that and join Growing Up Geeky for some fun!

1. Eyan we do not poop in the yard with the dogs.

2. After Eyan started very seriously coming up and pointing at us yelling "Do you understand?"  I finally realized that I was the culprit in that one...darn the potty training sternness.  I have got to remember to post this video!

3. Eyan we do not ride our motorcycle down the stairs.

To my high school students:

-Boys stop touching each other...

-You can chop wood all day and it will still be wood. (In discussing physical and chemical properties, completely unaware that "chopping" is slang for sex and "wood" is well, you get the idea).

Yeah I'm just full of stuff that really should stay in my head and never make it out of my mouth.


  1. So funnY! Eyan we do not poop with the dogs,lol! Love your list,lol!!


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