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Monday, October 1, 2012

16 weeks!

  • Do you see it!  It finally appeared, I think there is a baby in there!
  • This week is homecoming week and today is sports day, hence my husbands old Broncos jersey, I am not a big sports fan.
  • I am hoping to finagle an ultrasound at my OB check up on Wednesday and *maybe* I can find out what color baby I am having. 
  • Basement is coming along but I HATE having to wait to move my house back to unclutterville oh and I cannot wait to decorate the new nursery.  I am thinking mint green (already have a wall in that room this color), purple and grey for a girl and mint green, black and white for a boy. 
  • No nausea in a week!
  • Definite movement especially late in the evenings and particularly when big brother is snuggling or we're reading his bedtime books.
  • Started wearing more maternity pants more for comfort as ALL my jeans still freaking fit.
  • Baby gets taste buds this week!  So the question is do the cravings just go crazy?
  • Energy is almost back!  I super cleaned my house and cooked all weekend.  I almost feel like a good wife and mother again.
  • Don't forget to vote over on the left of the screen for what you think this baby is. 

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  1. Yay for baby bumps! Love the nursery colors, we went with a shade of green for my daughter's room as well!


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