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Monday, October 8, 2012

17 weeks!!

  • I am starting to looooove these maternity pants.  So. Comfy.
  • I think I am gaining weight!  Where the heck is that bump coming from if I havent?
  • The nausea made a vicious return a few days back, but I think it subsided and I am fairly confident that the baby hates cucumbers.  Which sucks because I totally don't. 
  • My energy has started to return.  I was super productive yesterday and feel pretty good.  But with this return of energy I now need my basement finished like now, so I can decorate a nursery and wash baby clothes and prepare and well, nest.  I had Eyan's nursery finished by about 22 weeks! That leaves us a month to finish!
  • 11 more days until my anatomy scan.  Can I tell you how scared I am for this.  With Eyan I was completely fine, but this go around I am so scared that my quad screen will come back bad (especially since I haven't heard anything since Wednesday) or that the baby will have some sort of major issue.  I seriously cannot shut my brain off with worry, and I'm just trying to focus on the fact that I should be able to confirm the gender of this little one. 
  • There is definite movement happening and having that at least gives me some comfort that baby is ok.
  • We tried to introduce the big brother concept to Eyan this weekend and make it really exciting, but I am sure he still doesn't get it and in 4 months he will be very surprised that life changed so quickly.  I am hoping that as the nursery gets done and baby stuff starts to appear more he will start to realize that there is a change happening.  
  • I need to have my csection date set already!  We are still planning to go to Disneyland and I would like the baby to have his/her first shots before I take them on a plane.  We are going to do our best to avoid bringing the baby into the park very much.  My mom, dad, hubby and sister will all be there and have graciously agreed to take turns with me in the parks so baby can be in the hotel room the majority of the time. 
  • Sleep is terrible!  I feel like I was beating in the back all night long and the waking up just to turn off my back is driving me insane.
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  1. You look great!! And you are brave going to disneyland with a newborn!! Good for you mama!!

  2. I can't believe you are 17 weeks already! You look wonderful!


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