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Monday, October 15, 2012

18 weeks

Um Yeah, I can suck it in.  

What it looks like when I am just "hanging" out
  • Ok now I am starting to get worried.  Literally I AM NOT GAINING WEIGHT!  This means 1 of 3 things.
    • Super small baby
    • I am going to get super fat later
    • Something is wrong
  • My appointment to make sure all is well is THURSDAY at 4:00!  I am so freaking scared its not even normal.
  • I can still wear all my regular clothes.  I am starting to think this is a bad bad thing.
  • Ugh taking a shower before bed was so relaxing, but my hair was not agreeing with that.  Where is this beautiful glowing pregnancy I am supposed to be having?


  1. You look amazing! I bet baby is just going to be small like mommy!

  2. Try not to worry about not gaining weight. I truly believe your body knows when and how much weight to put on. I am 19 weeks on Wednesday (so have yet to weigh in) but as of last week I had only gained 4 pounds. My doctor wasn't concerned.

    Oh and no pregnancy glow...are you having a girl? I swear I look way better this time around with a boy than I did when pregnant with my daughter!


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