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Monday, October 22, 2012

19 Weeks

  • Seriously between my school Mac and my iPhone the technology is out to get me.  Hence the very craptacular photo you see above.  This is even the HDR one!  My bump seems to have shrunk or I am getting taller. 
  • I still cannot believe it is a girl.  I keep looking at the ultrasound pictures of the "goods" and am still in disbelief, but so excited!
  • My energy is up and down and more down then up and I just need to be back to normal.
  • Little Miss in my tummy is a flipper...future gymnast or cheerleader...probably but definitely a little flipper.  I think Jason will be able to feel this little kicks and tumbles this week.
  • I have a name, I love the name, the hubby does not.  Ideas on how to convince him that this is THE NAME!
  • Lately I have been craving food, but who knows what food and once I eat it, I am not happy with my choice and then I try to add more food to my original food choices and its a terrible idea that leads to nausea and anger.  Dang the cycle!