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Monday, October 29, 2012

20 Weeks!

  • 19 weeks left for me!  Found out at my ultrasound that the latest they will let me deliver is 39 weeks!  I am SO not ready for this!
  • The fact that this is a little girl is still setting in.  I find myself slightly overwhelmed looking at little girls clothes and often just veer over to the little boys clothes.  Case in point, last night I started looking for some cute outfits for a little girl, I ended up with a long sleeved, blue shirt with mustaches on it for Eyan.  I did purchase a little onesie with "lil sis" on it, but that is not an outfit.  My poor daughter is totally screwed. 
  • I know what I want in my nursery.  One of our walls is already a mintish green color, so I figured I would add light purple and grey to the room with some elephants (my MIL's favorite).  I thought that would be easy to find and easy to make...UMMM NO!  Yesterday my mom and I went to several different fabric stores and found literally NOTHING.  I want chevron and polkadots and paisley patterns with elephants, is that too much to ask?  Apparently.  I can sew, my mom can sew why isn't this easier?  
  • My basement has a bedroom and bathroom with drywall!  I might actually get to move things into the basement by the time I need to start on the nursery around Thanksgiving!  I am DYING to get my nursery started.
  • Little girl is starting to move a lot more.  Its definitely calming for me to feel her in there and my hubby FINALLY felt her move last week!
  • Little girl is never going to be named.  I have some specifics in the naming process
    • Has to be unique, but not so unique that its hard to pronounce or looks like I played scrabble.
    • Cannot be a student or cheerleader or friends name.  This takes out TONS of names.
    • Cannot be in the top 50 popular names of the last 5 years.
    • I would like to to flow with Eyan and also have a "Y" in it to pay respects to my MIL.
    • Suggestions would be MUCH appreciated in the comments section
  • I am eager to make it to 24 weeks, just knowing that "viability" week is so close makes me so ready for it to get here.  Baby looks great and I am doing fantastic, but it still is scary that if something happened there would be little hope.
  • I have no clue when my next appt is, I think 24 or 26 weeks?


  1. What about Paisley? There was a little girl at school with that name when I was pregnant and I fell in love with it but hubby said no. :o( Names are the hardest! We couldn't agree with either of our kids' names. Love the elephant theme! So sweet! Can you find a chevron or paisley pattern and do some elephant appliques?


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