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Saturday, October 20, 2012

5-laughs...Back at it!

Sorry I have not posted these in a while, I have sucked a preparing posts for several weeks and I keep forgetting to write down funny things. Damn this pregnancy brain! Regardless I am back and linking up with my friend Melissa over at The Mommyhood Chronicles!

1. I literally just told my students the middle of last week about baby #2. One of my particular classes is ready loud and rowdy and when they found our they started screaming and hugging and high-fiving. I was taken back by that reaction, and just watched in awe. Another teacher came over to make sure all was ok. It was funny, I never had a group of kids sooooo excited.

2. When my students brave their lives and ask me how I got pregnant (don't put this past 14 yr olds), I just tell them "immaculate conception!" That quiets them right up ;)

3. Oh Eyan...he loves his girls (the dogs). He has been telling is that Lily and Mia are his dogs and he needs to feed them or they will be sad. Jason tells Eyan the other night that he loves him and Eyan responds "we'll I love Lily!" He just loves his pups, and we do too!

4. Yesterday one of my freshmen girls wore a dress and heels that she clearly could not walk in. She was walking up one of the isles in class in the dark (we were watching a video that the kids were really into) and she went face first to the floor. I seriously was the ONLY one who saw this which amazes me but it took all I had not to alert the class. She got up, looked around and continued back to her seat.

5. When my doctor said "it's a girl," my husband was more excited than anyone and just could not stop smiling. He then tells me that he was right both times and that he can just smell it. Umm really?! It's a good thing I love him and the fact that he's a bit quarky!! Regardless he is soooo happy and it is soooo cute!

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  1. We missed you! Love your laughs:) Aw on #1- they were so excited for their favorite teacher. That is too cute! Immaculate conception- great answer! Oh no poor girl #4 but who goes to school with shoes they can't wear,lol. Aw- I am so glad you guys are so happy- you both deserve it after this journey!!! So cute! xo


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