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Friday, October 5, 2012

Baby 2 mini update

So I have a pretty good idea what color baby is hiding out in my uterus, sucking all my sweet nutrients away and leaving me emaciated and starving all day...that is if I am not vomiting.

Ehhh...whatever, I still LOVE being pregnant!

So Wednesday I had my 16 week check up where I basically got yelled at because lets face it, I am a TERRIBLE patient.  What did I get yelled at for you ask:

  1. So at my 8 week appt the nurse gave me all these handouts and said that my BMI puts me over weight by 1 tenth of a point!  So I can only gain 15-20lbs the entire pregnancy and absolutely NO weight gain the 1st trimester.  That was not a problem with the morning sickness and no interest in actually eating.  So naturally I lost some weight.  Not a lot but like 6 or 10 lbs.  When I met with the doctor Wednesday she said that essentially I had gained no weight and that she was worried and then gave me this whole lecture about how I have to gain weight for the baby to be healthy...blah, blah, blah.  Then she told me to gain 25-35 lbs and I assured her that would be NO problem as I currently am in love with all food.  Basically she looked at me and I think was sure I was pregnancy anorexic...then she saw my stretch marks from Eyan and again I assured her that I would be adding to those beauties.  Ugh, I can NEVER win!
  2. A few weeks ago I found out that I would need to monitor my blood sugar with an actual monitor!  WTH, I only had to do that for like 2 weeks 4 years ago when I found out I was diabetic.  So basically I just didn't because I could tell you when my sugar is high or when it is low.  I figured I would feed them a load of bulls#!t numbers and be fine.  Well of course that didn't work for her and she just did not believe my numbers, so I was given a chart to write this all down on and give to the perinatologist at my appt on the 18th.  What I do not get is that in probably 10 blood tests they have ran and checked my sugar levels everything points to my type 2 diabetes being gone and NOTHING points to gestational diabetes yet...I am sure it will, but damnet #Ihatedoingbloodsugartests!  Oh and she also kindly reminded me that failure to monitor incorrectly could lead to a stillborn and the hugest baby ever.  Tonight I go purchase a new monitor as my old one is a pain to use. 
  3. I was reminded of my restrictions on lifting (my 2 yr old), pelvic rest (yeah thats helping my marriage), and restrictions on a lot of housework.  All of which I am going to have to give into if I would like to stay sane.  I need to snuggle my baby boy and I have to have a clean house and oh my poor husband. 
However, after her not being able to get a quality reading on the baby's heart-rate and my slight panic about maybe having twins in there she grabbed that ultrasound machine, took a look inside and there was my new squishy little baby, just kicking and flipping and looking oddly squished.  By odd I mean that baby was a lot bigger and just taking up more room so it was odd seeing a larger baby then I had seen 4 weeks earlier.  She looked all around my abdomen to check for twins and for a slight second she paused and I swore she was going to tell me that I was right and then she said, "oh nevermind, thats the same baby."  SLIGHT PANIC!  Then she tried to peek at the goods and of course my children never cooperate and baby was moving around like crazy but she did give me a "pretty good guess." I'm waiting to confirm it because I did not see what she saw so I am not sharing it just yet.  13 more days and I will have confirmation :)  Sorry for the teaser, but I hate to put it out there and have it be wrong. 

Happy Friday