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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Defining Moments

We all have heard of those moments in life that define us, that make us who we are.  In my case there are several defining moments or best days!

1. The moment we moved to the skating rink.  When I was 8 my parents took over the family skating rink business and moved our family literally into a house attached to a roller skating rink.  This changed everything for us.  It changed the school I went to, my friends, my interests, my life.  For 13 years my parents ran the business for my grandparents, and my sister and I grew up.  I learned how to manage time, people and financials.  I learned the true meaning of family business and I learned that I DID NOT want to be a skating rink owner EVER!

2.  The day I married my hubby.  So I might have been slightly would be drinking beer and tequila if your dress was still on the sewing machine and well over 400 people were waiting for you to get married.  But I LOVED my wedding, and all the chaos and kinks that happened.  It was insane but it was by far the best wedding and party I have every attended.  Ask anyone who was there and they will agree, it was out of control fun, plus I got to marry my best friend and he agreed to let me torture him for the rest of our lives!  WINNING!

3.  The day I graduated from college.  I felt like I finally had a place and purpose in this world and knew without a doubt that what I was about to get myself into was the only thing I would ever consider doing for a career.  Who knew what an awesome teacher I would be...after all I hear it daily :)

4.  The days I found out I was pregnant.  Not all of them have happy endings, but ALL of them were important and all were special times in our life.  I celebrate and cherish my babies and angel babies constantly.  In fact when I go in for my ultrasound this week it is on the same day I lost my first angel.  I will definitely be thinking about that precious babe.

5.  The moment I finally met Eyan.  You can read Eyan's lengthy story here, but let me tell you, the moment you become a mommy, everything else you ever cared about just sort of dissipates.  Not that you don't care, its just that the universe realigns and you discover who you really are.  He is my blessing, and Jason and I will often say that we love him more than anything else in the entire world.  Its hard to grasp the fact that I will be given the opportunity to love someone else the way that I love that precious perfect little boy, but I am sure ready too!