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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

TAT: These are his obsessions

Oh I love my handsome little guy, Except when he is driving his dump truck around everything chasing the dogs and running into my ankles, the dogs, the furniture or better yet tripping over it and literally smacking his forehead as hard as possible on the tile floors. Oh better yet, he decided to drive the truck down the stairs last week when I was carrying the laundry to be put away...and fell down 7 stairs, proceeded to cry, then stopped, grabbed the dang truck and tried to drive up it...only to trip over it and land on it pretty hard. That did not stop him from loving all over that truck. He is just obsessed and lets out the most adorable hard belly laughs you have ever heard!

His Auntie Gina bought him this loader and dump truck set for his birthday and typically these are in the basement playroom, but with the remodel, everything that was downstairs is upstairs. That truck is typically the first toy he goes after and is the last one he will put away.
The dumptruck attack position
Cant forget about the loader

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  1. Boys will be boys! Maybe you have a future excavator on your hands!


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