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Friday, October 12, 2012

That time we took our kid to the bar...

So yeah we totally did.  A few weeks ago Jason and I just needed to get out of the house and do something different but fun for Eyan.  So we called up his aunt and uncle and headed to Dave & Busters for some great food, games and fun!  The food there is truly great and if you do this "power play combo" thing you get a game card and your food for like $20.00.  So it was semi affordable.  After dinner we went to the game room which was FULL of kids since we go their fairly early.  Eyan was super partial to any driving games, while mommy, daddy, aunt Net & uncle Bob were concerned about earning a ton of tickets to win prizes!  We had a great time and got a fantastic remote control car that we are saving for Christmas as our prize.

Jason & Uncle Bob competing at BBall

Eyan & Gauntie Net driving a Semi

All boy, finds the shooting games...he did not get to play those!

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  1. We have a Dave and Busters not far from us but have never gone. From your pictures it looks like a grown up version of Chuck e Cheese!


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