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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Why I miss my garage

Reason #1: Scraping snow off my truck 5 months pregnant is not fun.  I took this after my 30 minute drive into work.  The scraping was done in the dark.

Reason #2: putting a 2 year old in a snow suit at 6 am leads to this reaction.

Please God let this basement get done ASAP, I love the snow, but the work, oh the work makes me complain.


  1. Was it snowing there? I wish I had my garage too- all junk is in mine:(

  2. Yes! In the last 2 days my house got about 6 inches of snow! My hubby was so sweet last night and said this basement has to get done, my pregnant wife doesnt need to be scraping snow off the truck 5 months pregnant! I just love him


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