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Monday, November 26, 2012

24 Weeks!

  • Viability!  For those of you that are unaware, at this point if little missy decided that it was time to come out, she has a pretty good chance of survival and the doctors would do everything in their power to save her.  NOW STAY IN!
  • I am so tired in this picture and to actually get the "bump" shot I had to tuck my shirt under my bra.  I know, I'm sexy and I know it, but too pregnant to show it!
  • I overworked my arse yesterday and super cleaned the house.  When I finally set down to relax (see bedtime) someone kept jabbing, kicking, flipping and reminding me why I need to take it a bit easier.  The house does not have to be spotless needs to be a new mantra.  I hate you OCD!
  • My next appointment is December 5th and I am hoping and praying that they will set my c-section date so I can plan our vacation and my maternity leave.  Now little missy needs to decide to stay in until then.
  • I am so worried she will come a little early.  I like full term, I want to go 39 weeks, I need her to stay in as long as possible. 
  • Mom and I picked out the pattern for little missy's quilt and I believe my mom is starting on it today!  I am so excited to see it all come together.
  • The basement is ALMOST finished!  We have to paint, carpet/tile, put the doors and trim on and install the lights and bathroom fixtures.  THEN we can move everything around and actually start making her room beautiful.
  • I think that is it for now.  Oh little missy does not like frosting...makes her hiccup.  Damnet, I LOVE FROSTING!