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Friday, November 16, 2012

5 laughs- 11/17/13

Lets go!

1. Eyan straight up tells us how it is. Lately I ask him questions and am trying to teach him conversation skills. I think I might suck at this :). I asked Eyan what he wanted for dinner, he says "bacon." I then suggested chicken, he responds "NO! I'm tired of it, do you hear me!" There was no words.

2. A kid in my class apparently got hit in the penis with a tennis ball in the hall. He asked me if that would make him start peeing blood or if he broke his penis. My response was "we'll if you were walking around the halls with an erection you could break your penis. Kid turns bright red, tells me he is sure its not broken. Hey if you're going to ask, I'm going to answer scientifically.

3. Eyan is a private pottier. When he needs to poop he literally asks us, " can you go out and shut the door?" I giggle a little every time!

4. To add to the earlier one, I went into wipe Eyan and he tells me "I wiped my own butt!" I never thought bathroom habits would excite me sooo much!

5. My students are starting to really get concerned about when I go on maternity leave. I am constantly reminding them it shouldn't be until March, they seem to be so worried about it and who is going to teach them, because "no one is like you!" I'm not sure if that's a compliment or not.


  1. It's amazing how parents can find joy in their child figuring out something as simple as how to wipe themselves! It sounds like he's growing up!

  2. I laughed so hard at the penis one...and told my hubby!

    Awesome that he likes to do his thing in private, Logan likes us to watch :/

  3. I think I would have been hysterical with him questioning you back-lol. Hah- can you shut the door. He needs his privacy mom:) I get so excited when H finally wiped her own butt. The joys of being a mom. :) Hope you had a great weekend!


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