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Saturday, November 24, 2012

5 laughs -11/23/12

Lets go!

1. This morning Eyan knocks on the door and says "mama I'm up from sleeping and I'm happy!" Oh gosh how freaking cute!

2. Eyan doesn't get a lot of kid to kid interaction but apparently when he does have play dates he no longer listens to adults. He just a runs around showing off and screaming in a very high pitched voice. I think this mama needs to schedule more play dates.

3. Eyan tells me, "Wyatt's head is fixed so now we can go play in the swimming pool!" He misses his friend. On a good note, Wyatt is home from his surgery and from what I have been told he is doing well.

4. So a couple nights ago I had a terrible dream that I was being attacked and ended up punching Jason in the face. He got a bloody nose from this, and I felt terrible. However the very next night I had a dream there was spiders everywhere so I literally hurdled my pregnant arse over my husband landing on my feet telling him about these spiders. Jason said I then walked back over to my side of the bed grabbed my phone and checked all over the bed for spiders and then laid back down fast asleep. What a couple crazy pregnancy dreams lately.

5. We went Black Friday shopping (well kinda, I had 20.00 kohls cash) so we went and purchased a new pair of shoes for Jason (which the man desperately needed) and found a fantastic deal on some new pots and pans that we really really needed. Apparently Teflon and dishwashers are not friends. Jason was seriously so excited about the pots and pans he opened them all up, laid them all out and had to wake me up from my nap just to tell me how exciting these pots are. Bonus: he even cooked dinner!

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  1. I have dreams like that all the time and I'm not even pregnant! ;o) I hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

    1. Thanksgiving was fantastic! Hope yours was well also!

  2. Happy Thanksgiving my friend! I hope it was great! Eyan is so cute!! I love that he says, "Mommy, I happy"! That is so good W is doing well and that E cares so much about his friend. Oh my goodness. I am laughing that you punched him in your sleep. That is hysterical! Okay not so much for him but for me-lol! That is some crazy pregnancy dreams! Love your laughs!


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