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Saturday, November 3, 2012

5 Laughs-11/3/12

1. Eyan bawled and threw a tantrum when we went to put his finished costume on.  After my dad got it on I snapped some pictures and showed him how cool he looked.  Eyans response, "I'm Eyan, I'm Buzz, Perfect!"  So. Freaking. Cute! 

2. Jason and I were elated when we found pumpkins in our garden.  We tried to grow them, but they didn't appear to take off.  Then one day I took a good hard look and saw two medium pumpkins.  Only problem they were green.  I picked them about 10 days before Halloween hoping for them to ripen and nothing.  I was so excited to carve these babies with Eyan.  So 3 days after Halloween they are still sitting on our kitchen counter, almost orange.  I figure maybe we will carve thanksgiving pumpkins at this rate.  :)

3. Eyan and his cousin got to go to Boo at the Zoo.  When I had to drop Caleb off, he says, "Laura I already miss Eyan."  Melt my heart!

4. My upperclassmen Ecology class built ecosystems in a bottle.  I kinda figured they were going to be party poopers and that these weren't going to be any fun.  But a week into it and they are very meticulous about taking care of their ecosystems and making sure they are perfect.  I giggle at these kids overprotection of these 2liter bottles with water, plants and critters. 

5. Eyan is starting to play pretend and wants us to play too.  Last night he apparently had a boat but couldn't figure how to get in or if he could turn it on with his keys.  It was so cute listening to Jason and Eyan talk about the boat and how to get in and turn it on! 

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  1. Those green pumpkins will make great Tom-o-lanterns! Just carve them up into a turkey shape. ;-)

  2. Cute laughs!

    I agree with Carrie, just carve them into turkeys!

    How cute is he with his costume?!

  3. That is so perfect. I Eyan... I Buzz- priceless!!!Haha- we have one pumpkin carved but truly hoping to get the other one done! He is so cute and inquisitive. Just adorable!


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